Monday, August 3, 2020

Day 216 : Cake

Day 216 : Cake - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 216 : Cake

What can I say, this just made me think of a fancy cake. Especially from the side, which is really this button's best angle. So I have added another image below.

Another knot, a 9 lead 8 bight turks head with waxed cotton cord, doubled, but only in the centre section, and then decorated with No 12 cotton perle thread. And over a wooden bead mould, one from my stash.

One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett - Day 216, side

Annnnd... I've just deleted accidentally every picture from my phone's main gallery... Wouldn't be so bad, but I actually took time at the weekend to clear everything, meaning what was there, I really wanted to keep. Just sums up my Monday. Long night ahead.

Size: 15mm / just over 1⁄2" / 24L


  1. Do try to avoid tears - moisture isn't good for electronics. C in C

    1. haha! I was surprisingly unbothered. Probably because I did do some sorting and backed up the super important ones. Oh bring back the days of an envelope of photos - and free doubles! xx

    2. I haven't put together an album of our jaunts to Blighty since we went digital - I can't get at the pictures! Glad the family ones are backed up and the next how-to pix will be even better, benefitting your faithful students. Travel safely, sell lots of stuff and have fun actually being away from home - feels weird, doesn't it? Best to you and Mark et al.C in C xx

    3. Yes, the back ups don't always work do they? A lot of our earlier CDs just won't read, and let's not mention the floppy disc...
      Very weird going elsewhere, yes. Although they are as excellent as can be, everyone keeping distances and hand sanitising and questionnaires.
      Hope you are all well x