Sunday, December 27, 2020

Day 362 : Byzantine


Day 362 : Byzantine - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 362 : Byzantine

More beads and bling again today. It is nice to spend a little more time and thread the beads. Although for some reason my threads all wanted to tangle today. Very frustrating.

I hope that last night's storm wasn't too bad for any of you. Boy did that wind howl! I thought for sure we'd have some damage. But, thank goodness, nothing bar a few light branches broken.

Otherwise, today has been a bit of a cheese and wine sort of day. I hope you are all having a good day.


  1. Good grief and gravy! Sounds like Bella did a real number on everyone! I am so glad you only had a branch down. We have a door pop open once in a rare while and pine needle rollups so I know how unnerving it is to sit and listen to the world crashing around you. The forcast says you will get more rain and cold
    this week - do, please, drive very defensively!
    This is a really pretty button - very feminine without being girly (not an easy thing to achieve!) and elegant with the pearls. Well done!
    May I continue to converse with you after the 31st via email? I have very much enjoyed exchanging thoughts and would like to continue if you would.
    The tiny flame of tidying up continues to burn - I reduced an 4" binder to a 1" binder and could probably toss the whole thing, but I did have fun collecting all the information and sorting and filing it and I kept only the patterns that still gave me a lift. Progress, not perfection! ;) I may have to put that thought on a big banner!
    Do stay warm and dry and masked up and hope Monday was good. Charlotte xxx

  2. Guess what? The Weather Gods didn't want me to feel left out so they sent some rain and cold over here! 49' (which is quite cold for us at sea level) and some thunder and so on - very hard on the people who are sleeping rough. The roof hasn't shown any signs of leaks but I think it is just about ready to go - more than thirty years old! Anyhow, we will stay warm and dry and well, and you will do the same! C in C xx

    1. Oh gosh! Any drop in temperature is horrid when it is out of the ordinary. I remember how cold I'd feel in Florida!
      Some places here have had snow - there is more forecast so it will be interesting to see if we actually get it. Hopefully not until we have a 'day out' day, not one where we are at the unit.
      I'd love to keep in touch! Yes please.
      I'm intending to try to keep my main blog going - although I know it won't be daily. If I wasn't talking about buttons I would not have much to say haha!
      Progress, not perfection is an excellent phrase. I might have to make something for myself too :)
      Stay safe and well - and warm and cosy! xxx