Thursday, December 24, 2020

Day 359 : Christmas Spider


Day 359 : Christmas Spider - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 359 : Christmas Spider

A decorated branch of a Christmas tree tonight, with tinsel and a spider for today.

Why? A button collector shared the following lovely story, along with a button, in one of the button groups I am in. I shared the story in our Facebook group, and suggested that those who wanted to make a button based on the story for Christmas Eve.

And my goodness, we have had some wonderful buttons shared by members! So exciting seeing what they create. 

I know that it is an odd one this year - but I really do hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas. 


There are many wonderful legends and stories connected with the Christmas season. This tale about the Christmas spider originated in eastern Europe. Even if you don’t normally like spiders, you may enjoy this story. 
The day before Christmas, the mother of a poor family made a big effort to decorate and clean her house ready to be blessed by the Christmas Angel. When she began to dust and clean, the spiders who lived in the house scurried away to hide in the attic. 
Father brought a beautiful tree into the house and the family decorated it with their lovingly made ornaments. After the family had gone to bed, the spiders came out of hiding to see what all the fuss was about. They were delighted with the beautiful tree and ran up and down it, through the branches, admiring all the ornaments. 
The tree was soon wrapped with strands of shimmering spider silk! 
In the morning, the Christmas Angel came to bless the house. He saw the webs and knew that the Mother would be dismayed. So he touched the spider webs and they immediately began to glisten and glimmer and turn to sparkling garlands of gold and silver. 
When the family gathered around the tree, they exclaimed that it had never looked so lovely! It was a Christmas miracle. 
Since then, it has been traditional to decorate the tree with garlands and tinsel. And in many countries, a spider ornament graces the branches of the tree.
(from Marsha Cassada)