Thursday, December 17, 2020

Day 352 : Cheery


Day 352 : Cheery - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 352 : Cheery

A very colourful button today! And a time-consuming doodle button this time. Still I enjoyed working it. Not so cheerful now though, having internet browser issues. Damn Chrome. Fix yourself will you? How many reports can a person send? :)

Right, back to work!


  1. Glad you added that orange criss cross on the edge - finishes everything off nicely. Oh, saw the Garter robes of the Facebook - you, of course, did the passementarie! Superb!
    Just came in from hunting and gathering and having a bit of a rest before I put the non perishables away. Luckily Don comes along and helps find things and carry and unload the car - I do pity the poor souls whose partners won't help.
    Looked at the fuzzy tummies that go on sale Saturday - cute, cute, cute! Speaking of which, travel safely, take a nice snack for everyone, and have a sellout show.
    We are definitely cooling off and the score is 3 to nil in favor of the blankets! I am going to stick them down with hat pins!!!! And how on earth can the most minute opening create an arctic draft? Oh well, it won 't be long before I'm winging about the heat. Stay warm, well, braced, and enjoy the glow of the Christmas tree.
    Charlotte xxx

    1. I know what you mean about the draft! Though the same thing myself in the middle of the night last night. And if we can't winge about the weather, what is the point in anything ;)
      Thanks for the good wishes for tomorrow. Hopefully the roads will be a bit quiet seeing as it isn't an ordinary year. Have a lovely weekend, keep safe, warm and hopefully you won't have to do too much hunting and gathering as places get busier. xx