Friday, December 18, 2020

Day 353 : Square Dance


Day 353 : Square Dance - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 253 : Square Dance

A doodle button with only a little bit of doodle. I did actually take out doodles before I came up with something I am happy with :) (reading that back it sounds as though i am trying to write a tongue twister!)

Still working away - this evening it will be about making sure that the show samples are all neat and tidy - nothing crushed - and nothing missing! I do usually forget something though. I have boxes to keep related show samples, but some shows have more samples then others, and I try to mix things up by taking different items along. Anne and Chris (and Gillian when she was on the team) make such lovely items using the kits, they do really need to be seen.

And after that - well I will do my nails and find some tinsel to cover the grey that I haven't been able to get sorted!

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend - and do please tune in to the show tomorrow morning on Hochanda!


  1. The tinsel looked just spiffy and I loved the purple necklace peeking out! And I'm thrilled to bits with the plush kit - I'm sure you had it well in hand before we started rattling our tin cups on the bars. Your presenter seems like a fun lady and she did have the best reactions to your demos.
    Went and took another look at the Garter Robes - no wonder I couldn't name the Royal! The buttons look great and I'm sure you came very close to the real deal. And while I was cruising around I found the second photo of Mr. Dep, the one that shows the shirt cuff buttons - sweet. Oh yes, the Royal Mews garters - Is that crinkly bouillon as big a pain in the neck to handle as the fine stuff is? I should think it might even be worse! I must say I had a lovely time scrolling through the Facebook photos - so glad you've taken the trouble to post.
    Put your feet up and sip a warming bevie, stay warm and well all of you. Charlotte xxx

    1. Oh thanks for watching! Anne made the necklace, she's rather excellent. Thought I had a bit too much black along the neckline. Janice is lovely - has the sweetest Jack Russell too! Yes, she's fun. :)
      The crinkly bullion is made of the fine stuff, have to be so careful not to crush it. Those individual bullions were actually made by the Tailor - taught himself when it became harder and harder to find anyone who could do it. Uses an old singer's bobbin winder apparently.
      Feet very much up, and about to have some cheese and figs. :)
      Stay warm and well yourselves. Keep masked xxx