Friday, October 30, 2020

Day 304 : Chrysanthemum


Day 304 : Chrysanthemum - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 304 : Chrysanthemum

Today's button is really more about thread - the straightforward weaving with a variegated thread really makes for a pretty pattern, without too much work! And, although I named this Chrysanthemum (it reminded me of the Chrysanthemum stitching on Japanese temari), use reds and you'd have quite a lovely poinsettia, don't you think?

Another dreary day here, I know that some have has really bad weather - everywhere in the world actually. I do hope that you all are keeping safe and well.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Very bright and festive! Just working with that pink would brighten any gloomy day! And the star shaped form just naturally leads to a nice finish.
    I've concluded that I should never pick up anything! I found a project box with two - yes, two - projects, both with multiple elements. It is my reward for deciding to divest myself of the materials for more Sally Mavor Wee Folk! I'd made five little people and finally admitted that five was all there will be. Out with the flower petals and the ancient pipe cleaners. In with an empty box! One box at a time.
    I've gone back several times to look at Celeste - you really did catch the moon!
    Stay warm and dry and well. Charlotte in California xxx

    1. Boxes are a dangerous thing. I was looking for something last night and went off on a tangent of "things I intend to do with this" bit of the stash. Got me all sidetracked. lol.
      I'm glad that you like Celeste - perhaps the play with the fibres might have to be in this lifetime ;)
      Take care, hope you both have a lovely weekend xx