Saturday, October 31, 2020

Day 305 : Pumpkin II


Day 305 : Pumpkin II - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 305 : Pumpkin II

Today's button is uncannily similar to a button that I created in my 2016 challenge. I think this may well be the first time I have so closely repeated. Unintentional I might add, I discovered this when I went to add the name to my long list. To be fair, I do love pumpkins... but I just couldn't face doing something else this evening once I discovered it.

Like everyone else in this country, I'm feeling rather blah and stressed. It looks like the our next Hochanda show will now be off - or, perhaps done using pre-records. I'm not sure that we have the bandwith to cope with doing live demos via Skype as others have been able to do. Looks like next week is a Skype practice week. I'm sure that will be far more stressful than being in the studio.

This is particularly disappointing as both of our shows are on Nov 16th - National Button Day. Perfect at any other time! And 5 new products to launch. 

Ah well. We will all have our issues with the coming lockdown. But you know what? We'll still be doing it, not out partying or protesting. Just getting on with it. And thank goodness the kittens are safe in their new home.

Stay safe friends x

Size: 19mm / 3⁄4" / 30L


  1. Ah, yes - I thought that was you in a little heap in the corner moaning "no more glitter, please, no more glitter". What a wonderful pile of shiny things you made. Hope the customer is ecstatic!
    Your skype efforts will be just fine, and if you can't get the band width your pre-records will be as polished and professional as always, so chin up, smile -it will be fun! Mostly - but five new kits? Oh, yes, National Button Day - ok, because we should all have lovely new toys for Button Day!!!!!!! Anyhow, try hard not to get in a swivet - you are a pro and it will be over soon.
    I had to make a hard decision Saturday morning - took out the perle cotton that I had satin stitched onto one element of a stamped Hungarian table center - realized that that particular thread and fabric are just too hard on my hands and, worse, that I will never use the centerpiece if I do finish it (since I don't use any of the table cloths I already have - clue there?) - I'll put the piece in the sell pile . Moment of sadness. :(
    Oh, the pumpkin is enough different from 2016 that I shouldn't fret. Love the colour - it has the look of those really wonderful squash that are in the stores right now. And the little brown base is great.
    Is Toby pup still snorfing around after the kittens? Or is he just enjoying having his whole house back?
    Hugs all around! Do stay warm and well. C in C xxxx

  2. ps - if all the news is about the election just ignore it - I do! C

    1. Toby is totally relaxed now. The odd sniff of the curtain they scrambled up, but otherwise, not bothered now they aren't there. Though rather clingy of his dad, lol!
      I need to do that this winter. Be honest and decide what isn't going to happen or get made. I must admit I have been far better in recent years at not buying what my lifetime won't manage... well, most of the time! You have done very well - someone else will get pleasure out of not only the doing but the using I am sure.
      1 button kit, 1 awesome button tool kit, some new stamps for buttons, and a case for the button journals... so a nice mix ;)

      And don't worry, I'm very good at ignoring election news :)

      Stay safe and well - and masked xxx