Thursday, October 29, 2020

Day 303 : Celeste

Day 303 : Celeste - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 303 : Celeste

A little bit of mixed media today. The surface is made up of angelina fibres, melted with the circle impression using Barbara Gray's method and one of our new stamps (due for release 16 Nov). I've then stitched this onto fabric using a herringbone stitch and covered a button mould. 

The moon was really bright last night, I even took a photo which is unusual for me. It was very pretty. The silvery blue of these fibres do make me think of the moon.

As more and more of us go into lockdown, I do hope that you are all doing ok.

Size : 29mm / 1 1⁄8" / 46L



  1. What a very lovely blue moon! I do so like it when we get a special moon of some sort - I remember an orange August moon that seemed to fill the eastern horizon as it rose! My grandmother called me outside to see it - she'd never seen anything even close in size or colour. I've seen articles about the Angelina stuff - looks like a fun thing to experiment with - in my next lifetime!
    We have two large fires going about 35 to 40 miles south east - you will probably see them in the news since they are in rather posh parts of Orange County. The fire crews are doing a good job of keeping it from structures and I think that is the best we can hope for. Two men have been burnt and are in hospital - hold good thoughts for them.
    The rest of the state has still got plenty of action but when I checked this morning it was mostly the fires burning stuff inside the perimeters. And just think - we have November to get through before there is any faint hope of rain - yuck!
    I do like the new stamp range - there seems to be a vast potential for play in many areas. Good work both of you! I ran across my copy of Louisa Pesel's Historical Designs for Embroidery with the 1632 sprigs on the cover - guess the book and fabric and needle have to go into a do-it-soon box - so many interesting bits and pieces and very easy to figure out. Weren't we lucky to have her come along when she did?
    Good luck with the book work - it is a drag but that VAT man does come around if you don't keep up. I know the new kit designs and the bespoke works are going along well.
    Hugs to all, stay warm and dry and healthy. Charlotte in California xxx

    1. I'm so sorry the fires are still raging. What a year. The only American news we are getting here has to do with the election. Without actually telling us much of anything - I'm sure you can imagine. That really isn't that far from you - people travel further to work.

      Lucky you with the book! Looks like it is fetching a fair bit at the moment. She's from an era where it wasn't considered demeaning to stitch. The 90s and the 00s seemed to think that anything like this meant we were going backwards. And now they are discovering what they have missed with the so-called "women's arts" ;)

      Stay safe and well both of you xx