Sunday, September 20, 2020

Day 264 : Little Star


Day 264 : Little Star - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 264 : Little Star

Full marks to me for such an imaginative title today ;) 
And I honestly didn't plan for this to look quite so Christmassy, sorry about that.

This is what happens when I try to avoid my usual colours I guess. 

Have you all had a good weekend? I hope so. Still no other news on the feral cat, except that she has a big appetite! I'm sure the local birds are ok with that. 

Are we all ready for the new week? 
Hang in there. 

Size: 25mm / 1" / 40L


  1. More of this doodly weaving stuff - you may be onto something here. I think I would have to work pretty big to see clearly where I was going, then have a go at a finer scale - sort of a doodle cloth doodle button! Did you know that you can coax linen thread into multiple reuses with judicious applications of moisture? I am trying to get the hang of the knotted edge on a bit of Hardanger embroidery from Yvette Stanton's book on old style Hardangersom. I find it far more satisfying than the modern style - the textures and general look are solid but elegant. I've done some of the new things but I really think I prefer white linen on white linen. Could be the Swedish element again. Hope your Monday is not too hectic. Stay warm and well. Best to all. Charlotte in California xxx

  2. Further thoughts on linen thread and moisture - not a spiffy idea to have just crunched up a pink antacid tablet! Handy glass of water to the rescue.

    1. Ah... that was a quick save! I have read that French bobbin lace makers worked in damp cellars - with a little firebox thing at their feet - as the damp was good for the lace. I am in a lace group on FB and those living in the hotter climates really need extra moisture for their threads. Big buttons - did you see the world record breaking Dorset button recently made by members of a Dorset Women's Institute? Huge! You could doodle away on that for a lifetime! I love white on white - it is terribly undervalued these days. I love colour, but white on white has a certain elegance I think.
      Keep well, hope you don't need anymore antacid! xxx