Monday, August 17, 2020

Day 230 : Bijou


Day 230 : Bijou - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 230 : Bijou

A teeny little button today! Named for the meaning of the word - a jewel or trinket. Actually, I think that word pretty much defines buttons. Even "ugly" ones could be a trinket. So, bijou has a plural - bijoux, does that mean we can have a bijoux of buttons as our collective noun? I normally say a treasure of buttons. Hmm. More things to ponder at like 4am, lol!

I've used No 12 perle and the golden colour is some spun silk from my stash.

Size: 13mm / 1⁄2" / 20L


  1. Perfect - A Bijoux of Buttons - if I were mad enough to go into business that would be the name! I think I'll stay retired and continue to play. There's nothing wrong with posting at 4am - all the best people do it. By the way, aren't we lucky to have the partners we have? Mine says we got the pick of the litter! Don doesn't weed but he washes dishes - I haven't washed a dish in eleven years!!! Stay well and cool. CinC xx

  2. Forgot to say we are having rolling blackouts - the power grid can't cope when it gets this hot. Luckily there is a very large tree in the yard where one can sit and catch any slight air movement. And they'll be cutting back the water usage any day now - I think we were never supposed to be watering anyway - people move here from greener parts of the country and want that green here - what do they think a mediteranian climate is? Ok - enough venting! Hug Mark and give Toby a cooly. C in C

    1. Well done Don about the dishes! Yup, a good pick :) I have to say I don't mind dishes as much as other jobs - we had one house with a dishwasher, but I still did the dishes. Stupidly hot water too.
      Yeah, I think you just have to accept that if you are somewhere hot (or having a hot summer) the grass will still manage. And if not - plant something suited to the climate, right?
      Your tree sounds a perfect spot. Stay cool both!