Saturday, August 1, 2020

Day 214 : Hunter

Day 214 : Hunter - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 214 : Hunter

Today's button is another knot - this time one that my old book calls a "Headhunter's Knot". I think that's probably not ok these days, so I have shortened it down. The book also states that the knot was used as decoration on spears, which is pretty interesting if true. 

I love old technique books - probably have too many! But I also like the way some of them are written, with little stories and so on.

I've used the fine cord that we stock, so I doubled the knot instead of making it too little, and used two No 95 moulds to make a little barrel shape.

Size : 12mm / 1⁄2" / 20L


  1. The comment place says it will respond to dehalley - does this mean your computer has decided my computer is not a source of evil spam? I do understand the passion for old instruction books but sometimes following those instructions is like following hungarian translated into english by a non english speaker- you have to know what they are talking about before you can work out the directions. I have a crocheted tassel I've been wrestling with for years! Anyhow, the knots are lovely and quite inspiring. Oh - if the response to dehalley means you don't have time or energy to this aspect of life that is OK too. Best to all, Charlotte in California

    1. Oh Charlotte, I'm not sure what blogger has done, or what you are seeing. I do try to reply to every one of your lovely comments - perhaps you are not getting the notifications?

      I hope that you are as I love to read them and would not want you to think that I haven't read or replied...

      Ah crochet - don't get me started! Do they mean US or UK standard? And old Australian seems to be their own thing too. Mind you, modern tablet weaving is the same - absolutely no standard whatsoever! xxx

    2. Dear Gina: Being a bear of very little brain and a bit of a Luddite it did't dawn on me until 5am that the actual message goes to Himself's address because I can't make the wretched laptop listen to me and I can't remember which two buttons to push at the same time! It's all right - we'll muddle through. And luckily I have no old Australian stuff to try my skills. I think you are the cleverest girl to be able to figure out those antique buttons from pictures! I have been given falling apart Victorians and am still just staring at them every so often, hoping a light bulb will come on. (It is nice to have fellow button people who don't like thread and fabric buttons!) Thanks for the kind words, wear the brace at night, do the exercises, and hugs to all. Charlotte in California.

    3. I am so glad that you have seen that I do reply!
      Falling apart buttons - what a joy!! It's funny how so many button people don't like them. Long may that continue - keeps the prices down ;)
      Keep well both! xx