Sunday, January 26, 2020

Day 26 : Enlace

One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett - Day 26: Enlace

Day 26 : Enlace

A little different for today's button! This button is covered with leather, through which has been threaded a little length of a silk fingerloop braid. The braid is made using silk that I hand dyed many, many years ago, I seem to recall that iron was one of the mordants used, hence the greyish colour. It was so long ago though that it would be a day or so before I found my notes...

The leather was, I thought, vegetable tanned. Turns out it may have been, but it was then coated so it did not behave the way that I wanted it to. Having figured out how to make "proper" leather knot buttons and the process involved involved in finishing them during the summer, I originally intended to try something similar here. So, this is a little different than I saw it in my head, but I still like it.

I've used a metal cover button (the type you can buy to use at home). 

Size: 24mm / just under 1" / 38L


  1. I've recently been teaching myself to fingerloop braid. I didn't even know it existed before this year! It's so fun and varied, and another use for my hoard of threads :D This braid looks so beautiful in silk.

    1. Thank you! fingerloop braids are another of my addictions. I co-authored a book with modern instructions from a 15th c manuscript back on 2005 - Tak V Bowes Departed. -