Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Day 350 : Catherine Wheel II

Day 350 : Catherine Wheel II - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 350 : Catherine Wheel II

Another Dorset technique button. I was going to work a flower, and well, as buttons have a tendency to do, it decided it did not want to be a flower! I am pleased with this one, I have to say. Took forever mind - my arthritis is not happy at the moment and it is a wee bit hard to hold a needle. 

Number two because I have an entirely different button named Catherine Wheel in one of my DVDs. I am trying to to make too many repeats name-wise. 



  1. Ah, bacon! We had a dear friend from Missouri whose best recipes always started with "First, take a pound of bacon.........) I miss her and am so glad to have had her in my life - She had a superb collection of buttons, all from old sewing machine drawers, that I would have loved to have inherited (wicked daughter-in-law either binned it all or sold it off for pennies). Oh well.
    The triangle ring person has probably moved on to something else. Seems like there is a lot of fleetingly fashionable around. Used to get earring and brooch fittings easily and when I want them they've all disappeared! And button safety pins are scarce as hens teeth too, and nasty weak kneed things when you can find them.
    I do hope with all my heart that the Hochanda prep is coming along without too much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth. Hugs to all and take your pills and wear the brace and stay warm and dry and well - all those momish things! Charlotte xxx

    1. Ah, I feel your pain. A dear friend of mine passed a few years back, we had a lot of shared research (and she even more). sadly, I suspect as it was a lot of papers, the lot was probably sent for recycling. The hair pulling is mainly for the regular stuff I am behind with. Another year of my friend getting Christmas cards in January. I have often said I should hold my hands up and simply make New Year's cards for everyone. Brace and compression gloves on, I'm being very good. :) thanks xx
      Keep well and safe both of you - masked and warm! xxx