Monday, December 14, 2020

Day 349 : Triskele II


Day 349 : Triskele II - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 349 : Triskele II

Today's button is a variation of my Triskele button from my last One Button a Day challenge in 2016. A different direction and method of working - and of course the ring! I had forgotten I had these and came across them last night while looking for something entirely different, as you do. One of my on-line students recently worked a lovely Triskele and posted it to the Facebook group - it reminded my how much I like working them, and it does rather fit nicely on the triangular shape. 

I hope that your Monday is better than mine has been!


  1. What a nifty shape! Do you sell these rings or are they one-offs? The flecks of darker green around the edge are the perfect finish. Lots of potential here:)
    Sorry the Monday was frazzle making. Sometimes I think it is easier to frazzle in the winter time - it is always dark and gloomy and damp and cold and "things" don't behave properly - and stuff one would normally flow with get to be nasty. Tuesday has been better, I hope.
    Off to prepare macaroni and cheese and sausage for the evening meal - quite brainless but good and filling and one of Don's favorite meals - a winner!
    Pause for dining!
    A hit! And some fun television - The Bill, of course, and a Joolz Guide film. Helps to ease the homesickness.
    Vetty Stanton posited the question of why we make stuff and what do we do with it when stitching is completed - I'm still mulling it over. I know that I no longer give gifts of hand made items to any family member since the response is so dismal, and I don't give to others unless I am reasonably sure they will use and enjoy the object, bag, ornament, etc. When I have winnowed the pin cushion/needlebook basket in the past the things have gone to fundraising for my needlework or button groups, and that seems to be a moderate success - I have heard back from people that they liked and used things, so I think that's where the stuff will wind up when I cross the bar.
    Hugs to all and warmth and dry and well! Charlotte xxx

    1. The ring is a one-off. I bought a few in before lockdown, to test, promptly forgot about now will have to see if they are even still available. So many of these are all about trends, so don't last long. It worked better than I thought it would, I expected a lot of slipping.

      Funny you should say that, I've some plans for the lovely hand made buttons that I have (given to me from artists), I want to make sure they are at least labelled and framed so that a stranger might think there's enough value to take them off to an auction house... as for the vintage collection! That really needs a proper sort for the same reason. Landfill isn't a nice prospect.
      We love Macaroni and cheese. I make a baked one with bacon over the top. The bacon cooks nicely, dripping into the mac and cheese. Real comfort food.
      I hope you both have as good an evening tonight! Stay safe and well xx