Monday, November 23, 2020

Day 328 - Forest

Day 328 - Forest - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 328 - Forest

A simple doodle button zwirnknopfe button today. What you can't see here is that the red thread is a fine wool - I decided to play about with textures. It really works in real life, adds a nice contrast of dull and shiny with the perle cotton. So I am quite pleased with it. 

I'm shattered today! Must be last week catching up with me. But the day has been bright (but freezing - we can't be let off that lightly, lol) so we shouldn't moan.

Goodness, Bob Mortimer is hilarious. Watching repeats of Would I lie to you as I write this and can't stop laughing. If you need cheering up, I highly recommend any episode with this man as a guest. 



  1. Not just last week, sweetie - there were viking kittens and commissions and new product and just living - don't blame you a bit for curling up in the corner to howl for a bit. With any luck at all everything will settle down to the usual dull roar. At least you had some sun!
    We are appled and coffeed and gave ourselves Chinese takeaway for a reward - yummy!
    Just noticed ` - this laptop has an accent! Useless for Hungarian, which has some very odd bits, but if I need them Don has a secret way to plug them in - clever chap!
    I like the wool on this button - makes it very tactile. I've used wool for Yorkshire
    buttons but I don't think I've used it elsewhere. Oooh - I have a yard or two of some angora type - oooh! Idea just pinged. Will show you if it works, otherwise ignore this note.
    We've been trying for a month to get an appointment for Don with a specialist - it finally happened! In February next year! Luckily the problem is not developing at high speed so I'm all right with the wait. I understand there are long waits for stuff there also - not sure I understand why but I guess slow service beats no service.
    Put your feet up early and enjoy a nice warm bevy, stay warm and dry and well. Hugs to all. Charlotte xxx

    1. Aww, you are sweet! Apples and coffee, sounds good. Guess that's my brunch sorted for tomorrow.
      I'm glad you noticed the wool. I'm sure many can't quite tell - it is hard to see if you look on a phone, and of course that's how so many people visit blogs and things these days - to be fair, me included often!
      I'm glad Don has got his specialist appointment and I hope all is well. That is a long time to wait though if you are worried. So many things are on a go slow, for instance our next day by 1pm service is now next day by 4pm, which of course does cause a bit of an issue. Note the price doesn't drop though.
      Funny you should say about accents, I just noticed a 'new' bit of blogger to add in symbols, I'm actually looking forward to exploring that! What a sad life lol!
      Stay safe and warm and well, both of you xxx