Monday, November 2, 2020

Day 307 : Chrysalis


Day 307 : Chrysalis - One Button a day 2020 By Gina Barrett

Day 307 : Chrysalis

I really have no idea why this button made my think of a chrysalis, but it did, so I found a suitable bit of card for the tag ;)

This is a doodle button really - the base a turk's head knot, then doodled with thread and beads. It is quite large, and I have placed it on the card slightly sideways so that you don't just see the top. The top is the bit with 4 beads nestled together. 

I've made the knot using our new knotting tools, launching later this month. Killing two birds and all that, as I need show samples - so expect a lot of buttons this week to incorporate products in one way or another!

Size (ball ): 20mm / 3⁄4" / 30L


  1. Love the Wedgwood! I think I would have to find a fabric that would work for the baslt colour and that golden brown - not that I don't like the blues also - ah, decisions, decisions. Looking forward to the reveal on the 16th.
    This knot with beads is just so darned cute and dumpy and rolypoly! It looks like it was fun to work up. I went over to Facebook and looked back through the year - what a wonderful variety of buttons you have created! I can see the knot booklet coming together and hints of other areas coming along. I wish I could print out each day's post because I really like to have something to hold and handle but it would put a strain on the printer and the operator. I'll just have to keep scrolling along!
    I'm glad Toby has his person all to himself again - tough to share when you've gotten used to being an only. All of you stay warm and dry and well, please. C in C xxx

    1. Thanks so much - I'm glad that you are enjoying them. And this one is dumpy and rolypoly! Quite tactile. I really need to do a few more beaded buttons before the year is out.
      First frost of the season forecast so I think this weekend will have to be the swap clothes job - summery things put away and wintery things got out. (Did you finish that flannel yet?)
      I hope you are both doing well, stay masked up! xxx