Sunday, October 25, 2020

Day 299 : Direction


Day 299 : Direction - One Button a day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 299 : Direction

Here's a different one today. Not even sure where it came from - it just wanted to be made. I quite like it though. It's very shiny!

So, my little Viking fosterlings have sailed away :( Gosh I miss them! But, they are setting in so well that I know this was destiny. It was just meant to happen the way that it has happened. See what I mean? -

I do like a happy ending. It's what we need in these uncertain times isn't it?

Size: 21mm / 13⁄16" / 34L


  1. Thank you for linking to the Viking Kits' new home - their people do look very cattish. And I love the "mug" shots! I know the house feels very strange and empty - hug Mark and Toby hard - it helps a bit.
    Lovely lovely buttons - viscose is a pain to work with but oh my! the wonderful results. Tonight's button is particularly elegant. I like the dark blue rim - really sets off the center well.
    I was thinking how nice it is to have bits of fabric and threads and stuff from your friends and from serendipitous finds - I've been using decorator's fabric samples to assemble many of the projects, some of the bits more than forty years old! And a bit of lavender cotton from an obi Mum made to wear with kimono while singing "Three Little Maids" sixty (!!!!!!) years ago ( she was a good mezzo soprano). Nice to have the memories. Don always tells me that as long as they live in your mind they aren't gone.
    Stay warm and well and dry. Do the thumb exercises. Hugs all around. Charlotte xxx

    1. Mark did the mug shots as an introduction last week lol! Yes, we're really missing them but know it is for the best. Yes, I suppose quite a few of my stash buttons are memory buttons. I certainly know where the scrap came from or what the bit of thread was used on. You could do a whole selection - like the quilters make memory quilts...and then make a wall hanging with them all...

      Ahem. May be next year haha!
      Stay well both of you. Keep those masks on, and keep hydrated! xxx