Saturday, October 17, 2020

Day 291 : Aegir


Day 291 : Aegir - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 291 : Aegir

A watery braid button today. Playing round with shapes last night, it didn't occur to me that the shapes was a bit like a Viking ship until I checked my email this morning! My Viking fosterlings are obviously having an influence on me.

I hope you are all having a good weekend. I'll keep this short, it is Saturday night after all!

Size: 31mm / just under 1 1⁄2" / 56L


  1. Love that shimmery blue! Aren't the colours in silk-rayons incredible? Looking forward to more lumpy centers and someday some instructions.
    I am envious of the British training - I was a Fine Arts major and we were never taught to make notebooks and sketches and so on, so that the end result could be understood and duplicated. I don't know if it was the schools I attended or just an over all difference in approach but I have always felt a lack of skills, and it is darned near impossible to develop at this late date. Oh wretched bad habits also enter into - sloth keeps rearing it's ugly head.
    So glad you liked the babies sailing off to their new home. And I had a mental image of your sugar plum fairy, duffle coat and tutu flying, balanced on one toe as she pulls on her boot, trimmed with lovely pompom toggles!
    Enough cooler to be bearable this weekend but it will get miserable next week. Most of the fires are burning down but there is lots of dry weather coming still, so we can have more. The forests are supposed to burn but I do feel for the folks who've lost their homes and businesses. Did you know that there is evidence that the native residents set small fires deliberately to clear underbrush and open up the forest? And there was an interesting article about native grasses that are designed to let their top bits burn fast, leaving the roots intact for the new growth - nifty.
    Do stay warm and dry and masked up. Hugs and cookies all around! Charlotte xxx

    1. Oh, I'm envious of everyone's sketchbooks. My training was in military schools - so it depended on who was the art teacher at the time. No formal for me. My sketchbooks are hastily drawn up pencil things with a lot of text. Not the beautiful, colourful books that many have. Ah well.
      When the fires in Australia were raging last year, I read something similar about one of their plants. Also, I understand that eucalyptus requires fire to kick-start the growing process (like some seed need to pass through animals). Which made sense to me - we had a eucalyptus tree in our garden at the cottage, and it never ever grew from the seeds it dropped.
      Cookies are currently off the menu - just need to get a little bit of extra lockdown weight off - ready to put it all back on over the holidays hahaha!
      I hope the weather isn't too miserable for you this week - stay warm, stay well xxx