Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Day 288 : Ring o' Roses

Day 288 : Ring o' Roses - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 288 : Ring o' Roses

A soutache button for today. I saw a similar centre on something many years ago and drew it up, soutache works perfectly for it. I was struck by how like roses it is. 
Apparently, the connection with the nursery rhyme and the plague was not a theory until the 1950s. Just about everyone knows that, which goes to show how things can travel - and that is without global media as we now have. Food for thought.

A good day today, my fosterlings have found The Best Home ever! I'm so very happy about it, despite the fact that I will miss them (they are so very adorable)

Size: 35mm / 1 3⁄8" / 54L 



  1. First things first - so glad the fur babies are going to a really good home! Such a relief for you and Mark and Toby, not to mention the next-doors.
    Loved the possiblities with the red,blue and yellow - you could go a long way on just those colours.
    And today's roses are sweet! The soutache centers could be shaded with inks or chalk stuff to give depth to the rose look - lovely, thank you.
    We are hot again - 89f. - and I'm feeling a bit cranky. Some soup and a nice drippy buttered bun should help. Do stay warm and dry and well. Cookies all around! C in C xx

    1. I hope you managed to cool down a bit. Drippy butter cures a host of yukky moods I find!
      Am very relieved about the little Vikings. Vet next week, make sure they are ok to travel, and then a little bit of a long journey but it will be worth it. They will be incredibly well looked after.
      Stay safe and well both of you - wear those masks xxx