Thursday, October 1, 2020

275 : Burton


Day 275 : Burton - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 275 : Burton

Today's button is one using my odd wrapping technique - with the addition of some doodling! I've named it Burton, as if I were ever to make buttons for another Tim Burton film*, I'd offer this one! I can imagine one of his characters wearing an 18th century frock coat with these...

Yes, I'm a bit organised. I'm not really, but posting now instead of after the shows is really the smarter option!

Have a lovely day everyone.

Size: 30mm / 1 1⁄4" / 48L

* I made literally 100s of Dorsets for Sweeney Todd :)


  1. Your doodlies have been charming - and it would be great fun to do a job where you could just freewheel the angles and colours and have no exact repeats anywhere. Are you listening, Tim?
    I've just seen both shows today and I really must congratulate both you and Mark and the rest of the team on two terrific additions to the product ranges! I am just amazed at the polished packaging, instructions, samples - I can't figure out how you found time to make a shelter for almost-cat and make and post a new button every day AND talk to us!!!!! Thank you for it all!
    It occurred to me that Toby isn't barking at almost-cat because you and Mark are talking to her like you talked to the cats who raised Toby, so of course this is a good cat, but Naughty Tiger has not been spoken of well at all so must be barked at.
    Remember my warm flannel nighty comments? The weather fairies heard me and made it 80 and 90' f. the last few days - back to the fans and no covers at all! That will teach me to plan ahead. It is even to hot to think about handling flannel! Oh well, October will end and so will the heat.
    Best regards to all, stay well and warm and dry. Charlotte in California xxx

    1. Oh thank you so much Charlotte! It has been some time in the planning, Mark is the wiz with the packaging. That's our background - a graphic design & illustration partnership for 20 years before the hobby taking over :)
      Advice from Cats Protection is that if we can - and they are safe - we should try to wait until they are weaned. Then, if momma IS feral (and therefore can't be socialised) kittens won't suffer without her as the stress of being caught would mean she'd probably not feed them any longer. Cat house too small - it has become a bigger box, covered in a bin bag to protect from rain, and they are all in there as it has been raining quite a lot. We are taking food, and talking all the while in the hopes that she's an abandoned stray, and so will get more used to us.
      I expect your theory is correct!
      You should probably get that flannel cut out anyway - winter is coming ;)
      Stay safe and well xx