Friday, September 25, 2020

269 : Autumn


Day 269 : Autumn - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 269 : Autumn

A little button reflection of today's weather - very windy! First time since spring I took my proper coat to work, and I am glad that I did. It was very cold standing outside of the post office today. We only have a little post office, so since covid there is usually only 1 person working. Its hard for them to put barriers their side of the counter when the place gets filled with postal bags from everyone in the industrial estate. As such, there is usually only one person at the counter. Which means we wait outside - sometimes with the queue going right down the road as everyone has the proper distance between them). Now, that wasn't too bad in the summer - although on a couple of days I thought it must have been dang hard on the pensioners waiting to get their cash, seeing as it was so hot - but as soon as the properly bad weather hits I reckon it is not going to be fun...

Good job my mom bought the most cheerful of umbrellas last year. That might brighten things up. I'll need to remember to put it into the car. 

Size: 21mm / 7⁄8" / 34L


  1. The latest thing in civic furniture - large eye bolts at 6 foot intervals so you can tie yourself down when it's too windy! We will all wear belts with a snap hook on a line or maybe two so you can snap on to the next eye before undoing the one you are on -very Thurberesque! And a brolly pocket would be a good thing, Glad you will have a line brightener tomorrow.
    We have only cooled off a bit and should still have a few heat spells before we have to break out coats - it really doesn't get that cold here. However I am going to have to break down and sew a new long flannel nightgown. We keep the house cool at night so something to hold in the warmth is good. My Mum used to make us a new long flannel nighty every Christmas and they were much appreciated - I grew up in mountains and it did get cold. You knew it was really winter when you could barely turn over from the weight of the quilts and at least one cat had crept under the covers to your feet.
    Don't forget the hand brace at night - can't have you stressing that thumb. Stay well and warmish and dry. C in C xxx

    1. Oh, the flannel sounds lovely. I must admit I am a heavy cover person - I like being weighed down with blankets. I feel warmer. These lightweight duvets are all well and good, but somehow I am never quite as warm. Its funny someone else was talking about how cold the winters were here in the 70s. Proper cold, not wet sort of cold as now.
      Have a lovely weekend both of you!! Stay well xx