Monday, August 10, 2020

Day 223 : Taffy


Day 223 : Taffy - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 223 : Taffy

Today's button's colours have named it. They just reminded me of proper pulled taffy colours. We made it once when I was a kid, I haven't had it for years. There's nothing quite like it here in the UK - at least I haven't found it. I must need something sweet! 

A doodle button of sorts. The base is a zwirnknopfe of course. And then just added stitches. The thread is one I haven't yet used for a zwirnknopfe, although I did use it for some crochet. Many of the modern German buttonmakers use it. I'm in two minds to be honest. I like the very defined lines, that's for sure!

Size: 30mm / 1 1⁄4" / 48L


  1. I have noticed a certain crisp quality to the Austrian/German buttons also and I covet that thread! Finca Prescienca seems the closest available to me (by mail order,of course)but I'm wondering if there is something I've missed. The big box craft stores only carry the standard inexpensive (downright rubbish in some cases) crochet threads. I have stitched with Paintbox threads and love her base thread and I had a tiny bit of possible coton a broder 25 from Croatia. Any thread thoughts would be welcome by all. Wear the brace, do the exercises, give Mark a hug and Toby a cooky. Charlotte in California xxx

    1. I use Finca too - I really like the thread. It is my go-to for my wrapped button if I am not going the "authentic" route.

      This one is more like a tight crochet thread - it is designed for lace weight knitting/crochet. I need to search it out properly, as I only have a bit gifted to me. I really did like it for the crochet. DMC do a coton a broder 25 you know, but it is hard to get hold of. We have to order it in from France through DMC here. I have been recently looking at antique Dorsets (all white) and the thread is really more like a an 80/3 or 100/3 lace making thread. Tiny.

      Toby would appreciate the cookie very much!!

      I hope that you are keeping well xx

  2. Or you can hug Toby and give Mark a cooky - or both!C in C