Friday, July 10, 2020

Day 192 : Glyph

Day 192 : Glyph - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 192 : Glyph

Today's doodle button is a little different in that the the base is a woven buttons, not a ring button. Using a solid button mould can be a little difficult when doodling, as you have to pass the needle under threads, not through to the back, but if you start out with an interesting base design it can work very well. 

I've used both No 8 and No 12 cotton perle and a No 3 mould. (Back to basics!)

Size : 25mm / just over 1" / 40L


  1. There was a fashion for woven ribbon designs in needlepoint a few (!) years ago - this reminds me of those patterns a great deal. Could be an interesting rabbit hole. Regards to you,Mark, Toby and the team. Stay well and cool. Charlotte in California

    1. Oh yes, I remember that. With the right size ribbons.... hmmm. :)
      The weather has turned so cold this week we are in sweaters and coats again haha! I suspect it is you who needs to stay cool at the moment. xx

    2. Ah yes - the weather! I remember one day we were on the ridge in Walthhamstow in hail and wind and raindrops the size of pounds and looking across to Nottinghill,our home base to see sunshine!!!! We started laughing like mad as we ran for the tube station - made the locals(safely sheltered in the pub) laugh too!I get very homesick sometimes. Hope your grumpies clear with a good walk - Toby will help. Charlotte in California