Saturday, July 25, 2020

207 : Charlie

Day 201 : Charlie - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 207 : Charlie

A chevron knot button today - I've been experimenting with different threads, and the colours I ended up using here just reminded me of Charlie Brown. haha.

To tie a turks head, you should use a thread with a fair bit of body, to hold the structure. The buttons of the past however, are usually fine silks or metallics. Of course, the metallics are great, but the silks - such a pain. So I'm experimenting with ways that just might make things easier. 

Knot tying is actually relaxing, once you know how. Until that point is is damn frustrating! I've also been writing and photographing some weaving instructions today and half way through though "if someone told me to weave like this I would throw the loom across the floor!" so, suffice to say I have started over.

And how's your day been :)

Size: 10mm / 3⁄8" / 16L

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