Friday, June 12, 2020

Day 164 : Bess

One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett - Day 164 : Bess

Day 164 : Bess .

Another embroidery for today's button. I think my thumb has given me a real chance to get back into embroidery - I used to do it all the time. When I was first married, we were really skint. I was given a box of really old, lovely coloured sewing threads (I was making curtains and stuff for our home) and I embroidered with them, both mothers got embroidered flower pictures for Christmas that year, I think some sisters-in-law got things, and Mark got embroidered bookmarks...

Using sewing thread took forever, but I think it probably set me up for doing fine silk embroidery later :) . I've recently found quite a few of my drawings that were for embroideries "when I can afford the proper thread". 

So, I have used some fabric that was eco-dyed, and some stranded cotton. The edge is cotton perle No 8, and the mould is a No 6.

Size : 41mm / 1 5⁄8" / 67L


  1. Embroiderers everywhere are cheering! I've got a flock of button ideas in my files so I think I'll start playing along - thank you. By the way, what is the correct term for a batch of buttons? A Batch? A Blather? There should be a proper term as there is for swans and ravens and so on. Do the exercises and wear the brace and you and the team stay well! Charlotte in California

    1. I tried finding one a few years back and decided that a "treasure" was pretty good, and more apt for button lovers!
      Since then though, I've come across a "bevy" and a "row" and "sea", so I think there's nothing official.