Sunday, May 24, 2020

Day 145 : Eliot

One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett - Day 145 : Eliot

Day 145 : Eliot

Today's button is back to a traditional passementerie button. I am working on a set that will adorn a gown based on this one from 1842 in the Met. It will be made by Prior Attire here in the UK. It is interesting that the original buttons have the second, lighter colour at the centre, something that isn't seem very often in comparison to 'regular' grappe buttons. 

For the right look, I have spun the filament silk threads for the grappe work - the colours that I needed just weren't available in the correct weight. It is about the same as Soie Perlee. Knowing how to twist up your own threads really comes in useful when doing work like this. The base is a satin wrap of filament silk over a No 14 tagua nut mould. To be really authentic it should have been wood, but we did have these made to be used for just this sort of button!

The set will also also include some rather fancy little tassels and cords... 

And the name? Well, this style always makes me think of George Eliot. 

Size: 20mm / 13⁄16" / 32L

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