Monday, May 4, 2020

Day 125 : Galafix

One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett - Day 125 : Galafix

Day 125 : Galafix

Today's button is made using a vintage "Galafix" button and rim from my collection. I was so thrilled to get these - I have two boxes, with odd parts and tools in different sizes. I imagine they are from the 60s (if anyone knows different I would love to know). The outer rim is plastic, in a variety of colours, and the centre is a domed tin. They were meant for fabrics - and I imagine they would look quite fashionable on a swing coat...

One of my boxes of Galafix button parts and tool

I used perle cotton No 12 to work a 6 point wrap over this domed shape, and added some weaving. I have to admit I was quite amazed when it worked - and without the tool. The two parts just snapped together, the thread was probably just thin enough, whereas anything thicker would need the tool.

A fitting name for Stars Wars Day too ;)

I've chosen these colours because that green looked great on my Dad and the blue is quite close to the dark blue of his uniform. Everything came together very well for today's button.

(I've no idea what I will do for tomorrow's yet...)

Size: 27mm / 1 1⁄16" / 42L


  1. Like the colours a great deal - the weaving stitches add just the right amount of texture. And I am so envious of the period molds! It drives me mad when I see multi part buttons and know the support system no longer exists. Wouldn't it be fun to have some of those 19th C. ones that are thread wraps with glass centers? Thanks for all the fun. Charlotte in California

  2. Thank you! I so wish that our modern cover button kits had more variety in the parts available.