Monday, February 10, 2020

Day 41 : Ciara

One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett - Day 41 : Ciara

Day 41: Ciara

Yes, today's button is named for the storm that been howling mist of the weekend, and despite it easing today there are still some really high winds out there (and I know others have had flooding too). I'm lucky I'm in a stone house, but at one point I did wonder if the kitchen window was going to survive.

This has been made using ring No 39, and grappé stitches through the centre using a variety of perle cotton. I've also added some Au Ver a Soie bourdon metallic which gives a little sparkle like the hail and rain we got. I've also added a pad back to fill the area and give it a slightly domed look.

I have a vintage/antique button that is made in this way (in a single colour), and the same technique can be found in at least one medieval manuscript, filling the holes in the parchment, but adding the different colours and attempting some swirls has been inspired by a piece of wall art that I have, made by my friend Harriet. Her swirls are quite perfect mind you!

Size: 24mm / just under 1" / 38L

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