Thursday, January 2, 2020

Day 2 : Coiled Flower

One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett - Day 2 : Coiled Flower

Day 2 : Coiled Flower

This button is inspired by the ceremonial baskets made by the Navajo. I understand they are called Ts'aa'. However, the techniques used to create this are probably more akin to ore nu embroidery from the medieval period here in Europe.

I was asked yesterday if I would have tutorials for every button. I did explain that if I were to give away the patterns for all 366 I wouldn't have a business left (as button making instructions and kits really are the mainstay of our small business), but I do hope that as the year progresses I'll be able to give a bit of info for some and perhaps later on a few kits as I did back in 2016. I do also know that at least some of the buttons I intend to create will be included in a book I am currently putting together. This button is one that I can talk you through -

I covered a fine copper wire in cotton thread for the core, and stitched this to a linen ground, creating the design by embroidering over this with some silk hand dyed by the lovely Debbie from the Mulberry Dyer.

The piece was then gathered around the edges and a small circular shape was created. I spiral wrapped a 20mm (No 2) MDF button mould in the same silk, then pushed it into the back of the shape, which helped to fill the dome I created. I stitched this in place at the back to give structure to the button.

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