Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Counting down

Not long now!
Today's been a bit about prep. Which includes cutting up some packaging to use as tags for the buttons. A great use for some of the Christmas cardbaord. 

I tried to get a different tag die for this year, but none were quite right. My favourite didn't have a hole (though it did have a little die for the hole), and I could just see myself losing it or cutting the hole in the wrong place. In 2016 I actually got two of the dies that I used, so in the end, I've decided to stick with it.

I'm also setting up my file for creating the image so that the info is there, setting up printed labels for the back of the tags, and typing up every name from the last challenge so that I can double check that I don't name one this year the same as before - especially as they will be different buttons!

And this evening, the buttoning begins... 

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