Friday, December 11, 2020

Day 346 : Fairy Lights


Day 346 : Fairy Lights - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 346 : Fairy Lights

Just thought I would use some bright and cheery colours today. A few colonial knots for an extra detail, and I decided this reminded me of the lights on our tree - of which there are many! 

Still in rush around mode. Isn't it odd to be planning online shopping for everything for the holidays? We are trying to find smaller businesses where we can - those who might have troubles because they haven't been able to open. But I do miss having a day or two wandering about in shops with Christmas music and picking up stupid little stocking stuffers and stopping for a cup if tea and cake in every other cafe! 

I hope you are all faring well and keeping safe x


  1. Did you remember to order envelopes? Good!
    I've been thinking about the urge to tidy up and fluff the house so it looks nice and it occurred to me that there might be a very, very old element kind of built in to human beings - the sun is going away - you must do something to bring it back - sacrifice some thing or someone - make everything clean and nice - what do you think? Of course, we grew up with house cleaning madly before the grandparent and aunts and uncles arrived for a "festive" visit, and in my case the tree did not go up until Christmas eve, and it had go up in a tidy house. I think Mom did it so that we would all be out from underfoot and occupied that evening. There was a little pale green blown glass horn that had a reed thing to blow into and Daddy would "scwuark" and then we knew Christmas was really, truly coming. Big bowls of potato soup - another tradition - Mom cleverly convinced us that it was the only thing to eat on Christmas eve while she was slaving over pies and sauces and stuffing turkeys. Good memories!
    I do hope the Friday jobs got done in an orderly manner and that you and the guys can take a little time to sit in the blaze of the Christmas tree, sipping and nibbling something festive. Take care, stay warm and well. Charlotte xxx

    1. Oh thanks Charlotte - yes, I did get the envelopes ordered, but they've been lost! Only one box of 4 arrived... I like that idea - make everything nice and clean to bring back the sun - and that generations of mothers for centuries have insisted on it - meaning we continue to do it :)
      Had a picture sent of the little Vikings last night, my goodness they have grown - they are handsome now rather than cute. And actually look more alike now if that was possible! Keep well both of you - stay warm and cosy xxx