Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Day 301 : Go


Day 302 : Go - One Button a day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 301 : Go

Today's button is a bit of a doodle button. The ground colour wasn't the easiest to find contrasts with, at least ones that would photograph. That can be an issue, as I am sure many of you have noticed, that sometimes my camera doesn't quite pick up what I would like it to. Ah well, should you ever be able to see the buttons in real life, perhaps you'll enjoy them all the more.

Ever so cold and wet today. And of course, with the clocks having gone back on Sunday, it's dark and dreary too. So I will try to think of some cheery designs.

Size: 30mm / 1 1⁄4" / 48L


  1. Too true about this green - love it to bits but not easy to work with. I always think 1920s and georgette dresses on the lawn with sashes around the hips in that truly ghastly pink. That was an interesting time to live in -everyone had post war stress and there was the most hideous depression coming! Hope we don't have too bad a depression - still, we'll muddle through like our grands did.
    Did you send some of your cold over here? I was under four blankets last night and Don has been huddled in his big Irish wool sweater. Time to turn on the furnace! And guess who hasn't made a flannel nightgown? I know I know, I deserve cold shanks!
    The silver spangles are great fun - I have don't have any silver ones, just a few gold - enough to trim a button!!!!! I was, in fact, looking at my stash of leftover gold work bits and I think I can pull off a couple of nice buttons - will let you know.
    Mark. you know that every spouse who follows this is fretting - now they have to come up with a lovely storage system! Looking forward to the show and tell.
    Regards to all, hot soup and toast for supper, stay warm and dry and well. CinC xxx

    1. That is bad, I thought that flannel was a done job! Nothing quite as cosy as flannel. So hard to get these days too. Goodness knows why. I can't say I sent the weather - as it is still here. Bitter cold this afternoon. I have a nice cosy dressing gown that goes on almost the moment I get in. Luckily it is big enough for all my layers under it too.
      I have a few gold spangles in a box too - picked up at auction. I had to get the silver for a project probably 20 years ago. And still have them haha!
      Yes, very interesting times. And while I hope not, it does feel like a depression is around the corner.
      Hot soup sounds the perfect remedy. Have just been looking up some slow cooker recipes too - it is most certainly that time of year!
      Stay well and warm both of you !! xxx