Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Day 225 : August


Day 225 : August - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 225 : August

Today's button representing the really hot weather! And either the water I should be drinking, or the jeans and light tops I've been wearing - you decide. :)

The button is made from silk fingerloop braids. The centre uses a spun silk, while the edge a filament. That's why it is shinier. I wouldn't really recommend fingerloop braiding in the heat. Your fingers are too sticky. I put talc on them to stop the rubbing. I figured that out many many years ago when I made countless braids for the Globe Theatre, in summer!

Size : 27mm / 1 1⁄8" / 42L


  1. 80 f is pretty warm, especially with some rain, which makes it sticky - when it hits 85 here I slither into a sarong and pull up a fan. I know you kids aren't really set for heat - hope it breaks soon. The silk cords are so lovely that they are worth the effort- I fished out a kumihimo book last night and may give it a go - finger raiding gave me fits when I tried it - could not get my fingers to to weasel through the right spaces! Have a nice hot cup of tea in front of the fan - air conditioning!!!!! Stay well- C in C xx

    1. You know, when I first learnt fingerloop we were saying things like " the rabbit goes through the hole" and "the weasel went around the back" - how funny you should use that term. Still hot for us, though it has broken with storms, flooding and even hail for some parts. We got a lot of thunder, but that was it. Stay well! xx