Friday, July 17, 2020

Day 199 : Enfold

Day 199 : Enfold - One Button a Day 2020 by Gina Barrett

Day 199 : Enfold

A little bit of tablet weaving for today's button. I'm working on a set of instructions to go with our new loom kit (due in August) and thought, how can I make the weaving into a little button? So, a toggle it is. 

I've used No 12 perle for the weaving, so the band itself isn't too wide. 

Size (length) 30mm / 1 1⁄8" / 46L


  1. I think you just pushed me back over the line into card (tablet) weaving again! Thanks. What did you use for the base - felt or leather? Wear the brace, do the exercises, and tuck the earpiece of the glasses in your cleavage (looks odd but you can find the darned things). Regards to all. Charlotte in California

    1. It is felt, but leather would be far more practical. Or stiffening the felt. I have ordered varifocals! :) Hopefully no more falling off the top of my head xx